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Shamanic Healing Practice, including Soul Retrieval

Practitioner and Personal Development and Training

With Dawn Russell and Lorraine Grayston

 Certificated Training for Women

Next course Winter 2017

Shamanism is an ancient way of awareness, an awareness of energy, of consciousness. It is a term used to describe the practices of indigenous people from all over the world who were and are the healers within their community i.e. the Medicine People, the Witches, the Shamans. These people are in tune with the Earth and know how to touch the soul in everything in order to keep a healthy balance within each individual and therefore within the community. For these people there is no separation between daily life and Spirit, they know that all things are connected and disconnection equals dis-ease. Although our modern times seem very far removed from the experience of indigenous people the needs and expression of the human soul is still the same in its desire for connection -love, community and creativity.

The Aim of this course is to teach some of the ancient tools and how they can be adapted for contemporary use. We will do this through experiencing the practices and learning the deeper understanding and application of them. The Medicine Wheel is our map. The Shamanic Journey, Soul Retrieval, Ceremony and Ritual, Creating and Holding Space are our tools. Your own unique creative expression is the vehicle.

Who is this course for?

It is for women who find themselves in any healing situation with another. You may already be a practitioner of the healing arts e.g. a homeopath, a counsellor, a Dr etc or someone who finds others coming to you for help. The course is for those who wish to explore some of the ancient ways of healing in a modern time either for themselves or to work with others. It is for those seeking new tools and new ways to enhance their practice or to get a practice started and for those who just want to do it! We hope that it will inspire.

Shamanism is about allowing, not placating. It is about the healthy flow of energy.

The practices we will work with to encourage this flow will include:

Shamanic Journey is about exploring and affecting what is happening within our individual energy world and moving beyond the individual into the place where all things are connected. Our ancestors knew that all dis-ease originated in the energy matrix of our being and life, and would “travel” to this source to effect healing. “Travel” in this context means to expand ones awareness into the energy field which contains dis-ease on a mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual level. In this place we find the patterns and habits that underpin our life. For many of us some of these patterns can lie hidden, yet affecting us on every level. The Shamanic Journey offers a vehicle where, through your connection, you can get information and advice and effect long term change in your life.

Soul Retrieval is using the medium of the Shamanic Journey to re-member ourselves i.e. to re-connect with parts of our life force that we have disconnected from through traumatic experiences. Re-connecting with this life force can not only bring healing to those places but enliven us as we become fuller of ourselves. You will learn about the underlying principle of Soul Retrieval and learn how to identify the need for it and adapt the tool of Soul Retrieval to fit the needs of the person you are working with. You will also learn how to hold the client and enable them to do their own Soul Retrieval.

Soul Release is a tool to work with when we become entangled with another’s energy through love or hate (and all the feelings in between) and they become entangled with us in a relationship which becomes detrimental to both.

Ceremony and Ritual – are tools that focus our attention and intent and opens up a potent doorway into the fabric of life where we can communicate our heartfelt desires and our call for assistance. Ceremony and Ritual connects us to the foundations of our dreams and their manifestation. We will remind you how to make potent Ceremony and Ritual both for yourself and your clients.

Creating and Holding Space. When working with another in a healing capacity one of the most important (and simple) yet most difficult things to do, is to create and hold a space in which the client feels held and heard from a place of allowing and compassion. For the practitioner this means non-projected judgement, full attention on the client and an ability not to define the client’s reality for them. The preparation and holding of the environment and of ourselves is paramount to the creation of a healing space. We will help you to explore further your own unique way of creating and holding space and encourage a deepening of your understanding of how you use and choreograph energy for the benefit of another.

Dates & Venues

  • Dec 2016 non-residential London
  •  Jan 2017 non-residential London
  •  Feb 2017 non-residential London
  •  March 2017 non-residential London
  • April 2017  residential East Sussex

All meetings are non-residential except the last one.

Course Fees

£1295. Deposit £355. (inclusive of residential)

Methods of payment: Nov £380 / Dec £280 / Feb £280, or by monthly standing order.


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