Dates:  Autumn 2019 to be confirmed 

14th & 15th September, 19th & 20th October and 30th November & 1st December.    

Emmerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex


The aim of this course is to teach the contemporary use of the Shamanic drum journey for yourself and others. We will be working with the gift of the drum journey and will work in-depth with the practise of journeying with a hand held drum. The journey drum is often known as the Shaman’s horse,  which enables us to ride the resonances of the drum to places deep within our energy being and connection, where we are able to communicate with, receive from and affect the energies of our lives.

We will experience various practices and learn the deeper understanding and application of them. The Medicine Wheel is our map. The Shamanic Journey, Creating and Holding Space are our tools, your own unique creative expression is the vehicle.

Who is this course for? 

This course is for women who are seeking their own healing, development and wellbeing. It also offers experience and understanding of the practises to enable women to offer these healing and enlivening tools to others within their community and personal practise. You may already be a practitioner of the healing arts e.g. a homeopath, a counsellor, etc, or someone who finds others coming to you for help.

Shamanism is earth centred. It is a practice that follows nature to find balance and flow. The drum is the rhythm of the earth. It is about allowing, not placating. It is about the healthy flow of energy and it is about communion.

The practices we will work with to encourage this will include:

The Team: Working within the collective consciousness of the Earth you can to find your spiritual family, especially in the form of animal allies who help you to connect with your own deep instinctual nature. They will guide and support you in the work.

The Shamanic Journey is about exploring and affecting what is happening within our individual energy world and moving beyond the individual into the place where all things are connected. Our ancestors knew that all dis-ease originated in the energy matrix of our being and life, and would “travel” to this source to effect healing. “Travel” in this context means to expand ones awareness into the energy field which contains dis-ease on a mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual level. In this place we find the patterns and habits that underpin our life. In this place also we are able to commune with the Spirit of our lives, we are after all co- creators of this life walk and so to go to the place of depth where we can hear our own nature and movement helps use to stay in the flow of life and to make choices that are beneficial to us.  We use a drum (often know as the Shaman’s horse) to access these places.

Creating and Holding Space

When helping another in a healing capacity one of the most important (and simple) yet most difficult things to do, is to create and hold a space in which that person feels held and heard from a place of allowing and compassion. The preparation and holding of the environment and of ourselves is paramount to the creation of a healing space for the benefit of another and ourselves.

Venue: Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex

Emerson College is set in the Ashdown Forest with lovely walks and places to “be” in nature.

Dates: To be Confirmed 2019

14th & 15th September

19th & 20th October

30th November & 1st December


Saturday 10am to 5:30pm

Sunday 10am to 5pm

Registration and Fees – non residential

The full cost of the course – is £450 (including a deposit of £130).

There are a small number of residential places available (additional fee payable) These will need to be booked and paid for at latest 8 weeks before the start of the course.

There are also local B&B, we can give you a list of these.

Enquiries & Booking contact Dawn or Lorraine