Here are some of our Testimonials received over the years

Feeling a lot more full of myself, grounded, connected, supported and capable. Huge deep gratitude again for the work and space you create. You have enabled me to change and actually be alive again. The effects of this for my children, my life, are immeasurable.
Ho, to you, Lorraine and Leo. The world is by far a greater place to be in because of you and the work you do.
Love xxx


Hi Guys,
Tried to avoid stepping back into the asylum but it was inevitable.
Found myself singing the chants in the car on the way to work without realising.
Despite having a meeting this morning, I blew it off and spent most of my time speaking with a good friend of the incredible time I’d just spent with some wonderful, strong, beautiful people in a place of serenity and understanding.
Long may we continue to follow our true paths.
In all of our journeys, know that I am always happy to share your tears and your joy as your friend.
My love to you all.


Dawn, Lorraine and Leo
Thank you again, you are so good, and you are beautiful and big-hearted,
working with you is a joy.


To the Wonderfully Wyrd Witches and Wizard of Eagle’s Wing
I just wanted to say how much I really enjoyed and appreciated the mixture of your medicines, it worked for me!
I had been lost lately, wondering in the wilderness and the weekend brought me back to myself.
I feel a bit like the prodigal daughter but now I,ve found my way home again thank you.
The way you hold space with such integrity, skill and respect is inspirational and i love the way you all honour and serve the medicine in your unique ways. You really do walk the talk.
You guys rock.
With love and appreciation


Dawn and Lorraine
I had a wonderful time with you both and all the women who came; the weekend was a great catalyst for movement and insight that will, no doubt, continue ringing bells for all of us for a long time to come. I especially loved the singing and drums and ceremony!
With all my thanks


Dawn and Lorraine
Good Morning Enchantresses Extraordinaire!

So here I am back in ‘real life’. I’m sitting at my desk at work in body only whilst my mind free flows through the experiences of the weekend. My body feels brand new and unfamiliar. A little like looking the wrong way through binoculars or that ‘new girl at school’ feeling. Fire medicine and snake medicine still feel present and this is comforting.

I offer my gratitude to you both for all of your hard work this weekend and for sharing so much of your gifts and yourselves with us. You held such a safe, loving and supportive environment for us to find our courage and our own way. I wanted to say so much to you both yesterday during the farewell but couldn’t find the words so I am trusting that you will know anyway.
In love & gratitude.


Thank you to Dawn and Lorraine for your amazing amount of care, patience and energy in running such a wonderful retreat, I’m feeling a really deep sense of well-being.


What a wonderful weekend, thank you! I think the work you do, the medicine you share, is so precious.


Over the past 5 years I’ve trained with Eagle’s Wing on both residential and non-residential courses. The content of each of these courses was delivered by internationally renowned teachers, in a fun, sensitive way and the learnings have been immense. The positive, useful nature of what Eagle’s Wing teach cannot be underestimated. I’ve found these can be applied to handling the everyday stresses of life with ease and contribute towards a positive mental attitude, improved confidence and a happy (depression-free) outlook. Everyone comes away from these courses feeling and looking visibly energised.

Kathleen Carter

A precious weekend spending time with you all, sweating, dancing, talking, eating, deepening connection….thank you all for your wonderful support and sharing of heartfelt stories and journeys.
A huge thank you.