With Dawn Russell CCpsych, LCHom, Shamanic Practitioner for 32 years &
Leo Rutherford MA Holistic psychology, Shamanic Practitioner for 34 years.
A course for women & men.

Five Saturdays, 10am-5pm:
January 15th, February 12th, March 5th, April 2nd & May 14th 2022.

Zoom – The Medicine Wheel: Nature, Personal and Transpersonal Choices
Zoom – The Medicine Wheel: Nature, Personal and Transpersonal Choices

We both have worked together for many years and are collaborating once more to offer you a five day online course over five months exploring through the beautiful map of the Medicine Wheel. Our focus is on where, when and why we make the choices we do in our lives and to expand the possibilities of those choices through the knowledge and experience of nature, self and the energies of the Universe.

Our life journey is made up of moments of choice points. Choices that we make at given moments in our lives, choices we make in relation to work, our health, presence and relationships. Where we are unaware of the choices we are making, where we have blindspots, we give away our power (our vitality).

When we have done the work to know enough of ourselves and our relationship within the nature of the earth and the universe, we bring deep awareness to the choices we make in our lives. This makes us much more Power-Full (Vital), Co- Creative Beings. With awareness of the choices we make comes a sense of our own sovereignty within ourselves and collaboration with life.

The Medicine Wheel map of life will be our guide and foundation to explore the different environments of our lives and the archetypal energies that are part of forming the experience of life.  Each of the four directions; South, West, North and East hold vast energies of the map of life. Through various practices, we will explore the Nature, Personal and Transpersonal territory of each direction. This will help gain deeper insight and awareness into your own unique life experience and Earthwalk, which will in turn give you a greater field of conscious choice. 

The Directions

The South – The waters, the flow of life, our past, and the archetypal energies of trust and innocence. 

The West – The Earth, the healthy darkness and nurturing, the inner and presence and the archetypal energies of death and rebirth.

The North – The Air/Wind, the use and patterning of our minds and the archetypal energies of wisdom and discernment.

The East – The Fire, healthy light and transformation, our own vitality and life force and the archetypal energies of creating and manifestation. 

The Centre – From duality to oneness, our overview of life, the Great Mystery. 


  • The medicine wheel as a map of life both inner and outer territory. 
  • Each other as witnesses and reflections of yourself. And the deep restorativeness that comes through being together in an authentic way.
  • Ancient understandings and practices of life.
  • Modern cutting-edge science that begin to show us what the ancients knew and how this knowledge works. 
  • Personal ceremony to enact our healthy choices. 
  • Meditations/ Shamanic journeys / reflective time.


£295 (deposit £95).


Online (Zoom) course, January 15, February 12, March 5, April 2 and May 14 2022 – 10am-5pm


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Further Details:

Dawn Russell: dawnrussell@eagleswing.co.uk – 07808 579564
Leo Rutherford: leo@eagleswing.co.uk – 01435 813508 / 07714 333989

Note: This course is for men and women.
And as this is an interactive in-the-moment course, we will not be recording the sessions.