“Where there is no vision, the people perish”

Is change in the air for you but you don’t quite know what? Do you sometimes feel stuck? Are you having a crisis in some part of your life? Are you at a transition phase in your life?

At times of change or reflection or when seeking connection or consolidation, it is a wonderful thing to take time out alone in nature and Quest for Vision. We offer a week at Pistyll Rhaeadr, Wales, in which you will be enabled and supported to experience a three day Vision Quest (or two days if you prefer)

It is open to anyone who has done basic shamanic/self-awareness work and is familiar with spending time in nature and the elements.

Vision Quest is a rite of passage that helps awaken us to the profound unity of all life. It’s been a part of many traditions all around the world for thousands of years. It is one of the most powerful ways to contact guidance, inspiration and renewal.

Indigenous peoples lived (and some still live) in a way that was very closely integrated with the earth, cosmos and spirit within all things – the vision quest helped them remain closely integrated. Often this was the ritual that defined passage from childhood to adulthood.

The quest can bring deep insights into our true nature and the purpose and direction of our lives.  Sometimes questers make the transition into a new phase of life with a deeper understanding and respect for the interconnectedness of all life.

Among more ancient traditional cultures, the transitions of life were clearly defined: birth, childhood, adulthood, apprenticeship, marriage, old age and death were formalised with rites of passage. In the process of technological development, our modern culture has lost some of this meaningful ritual.

There are many variations of wilderness fasting quests. We use a form that has been drawn from the past and adapted to meet the needs of people who live in the present day.

At the end of the quest, the real challenge begins!  The challenge to live the new life you have visioned, to manifest in daily reality the best you that you know how to be, to dance your ‘dream’ (vision) awake.

The Vision Quest consists of three phases:

* Severance – separating from the stuff of everyday life. For this we work with you individually to help you prepare practically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

* Transition – This is the questing time, alone in nature, fasting and being with the infinity of existence. At times being in stillness can seem challenging – in contrast with the busy-ness of the everyday. Persisting opens a gateway where one confronts the Unknowable Spirit, the immensity of Creation – and one’s self. We are reflected in the immensity and it is reflected in us.

* Re-integration  – the Return bearing Gifts Of Unknown Things to help you to find your Sacred Dream and access the energy and determination to live it to the full. We tell our stories around the fire and the realisations come as each person’s story reflects upon everyone else’s.

As we learn to manifest our Dream-Life into the everyday we can begin to live from the simplicity of abundance rather than feelings of poverty, lack and need. In this time of world conflict and rapid change, these abilities are priceless.

Venue: PISTYLL RHAEADR, North Wales


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