This is a new course over one or two weekends that continues to broaden and deepen our experience of the Enchantress Archetype and her connection to the Sacred Feminine.

stone circles

Not only is she now awakening, she is also very much active in our lives and in the world. She lies deep within each of us regardless of our age.

The rising feminine archetypes, of which the Enchantress is one, are influencing us to look at our connection to the Earth and to nature and to question the status quo and the position of women and encourage our connection with the Sacred Feminine.

We invite you to come and give time to yourself to step into a held and connected space outside of everyday life to connect with this deep wisdom within you, to restore, rejuvenate, energise and inspire you.

The first weekend will focus on

Reflection, harvesting and rest……

Your life as an expression of the Cosmos

Your Biography as your mythology 

Your life’s experience as your greatest teacher

The second weekend will focus on

Being, Moving, Creating…….

Your Sovereignty 

Your Action in the world

Your Integrity 

Your Beliefs and World views

This is a call to re-member, a call to our natural connection.

All of this is reflected in the movements of the cosmos….Eris, the asteroid, the radical feminine, disruptor of the status quo and challenges what counts as woman/feminine…. 

Ceres, asteroid representing Mother Nature and the growth (and decline of all things) currently reflected in, amongst other things, the movement regarding climate change and connecting with the Earth….

Come join us to re-member, to reclaim this potency of womanhood and our connection to the Sacred Feminine.

Some feedback from our last course:

“This is an exquisite exploration and discovery of the divine feminine, a rite of passage which has filled me with magic, wild passion and a deeper connection within me with my woman spirit. My enchantress has been birthed by the most precious holding of ceremony by Dawn and Lorraine. I want every woman to connect with the inner beauty and empowerment of the enchantress. I cannot thank you both enough. From my heart”. C.C

“The Enchantress weekends with Dawn and Lorraine have been life affirming and transformative for me. They have allowed and taken me to places within myself previously unsung and neglected. The essence of me has emerged strong, rooted and proud to be a woman.” S.O

“Thank you Dawn and Lorraine for holding us so well and coaxing growth. You’ve helped me find those hidden parts with love and warmth.” D.M

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