Autumn/Winter 2023 dates TBA

A Shamanic Retreat for Women

Embodying your Unique Natural Expression of Life
– with Dawn Russell and Lorraine Grayston

Non-residential at Emerson College Forest Row

We are Earth walking
We are Air breathing
We are Water flowing
We are Fire transforming

How are you blessed, what is sacred to you and what brings you joy?

At the time of writing we have just had a potent, intense and powerful lunar eclipse in Scorpio and Taurus (the axis of how we value ourselves and resources) highlighting where we still have work to do to embrace where we are powerful, acknowledge what is true for us in this moment, to release toxicity on every level – and where we can look to be rooted, to be grounded, engage with our senses and to find truth in our bodies.

We are Earth Walking

At the time of our gathering in June we will have three planets moving through the Earth sign of Taurus reminding us to foster our connection to and how we communicate with, the Earth and how we can feel complete in ourselves in that connection.

We are Air Breathing

As we navigate this time in our collective and personal lives, the word resilience (the capacity to be adaptable, flexible and recover quickly from adversity) is often voiced There is increasing awareness that so much of our health and well-being (our resilience) can be found in our being rooted in our own natures, in the wildness of the earth, in what motivates us, in our inspiration and passion – in what brings us joy.

We acknowledge that this is not always easy work AND it is a large part of the Soulfullness, of our being and our ability to thrive.

This time of year all around us in this northern hemisphere, nature is manifesting itself in it’s wondrous diversity, fullness, in each individual species’ unique expression of life.

As we approach Summer Solstice we will unearth what helps you to flourish, what feeds your soul and what keeps you rooted.

We are Water Flowing

You are invited to gather in Medicine community with other women, with Gaia, with your deep soul-self, with your helpers and guides (your soul family) to reflect, to explore, to be part of, to refresh and to connect with your own nature and wellbeing within you.

We are Fire Transforming

We are Fire Transforming

We will seek out and affirm what lights you up, what brings you joy, what you can draw upon to restore and express your own unique life walk. Together we will remember our part in this life expression and remember how this feeds us and roots us in our lives. Expression is embodiment, it doesn’t have to be loud, it can be in your presence, it can be to fill yourself with your own being and your own nature…..and daring to be full of yourself!

How are you expressing nature, your nature?

We celebrate the uniqueness of who each of us are, your wisdom, passions, your unique earth walk.

We are the Earth walking.

We will focus on accessing your sense of well being and full engagement in life – joy, freedom, happiness – how they serve you and what’s the challenge.

Exploring and expressing through drumming, chanting, sharing, nature and ceremony.

Being in your element! What does that mean?
We will provide a print of your natal astrology chart and illustrate your primary influencing element and quality and explore with you how you may engage with that element.

Through Fire Ceremony you will affirm your life and connections.

Some of the other medicine to help us in this exploration:

  • The wisdom of the circle of women that gathers
  • Wisdom teachings
  • The Shamanic journey
  • Connection with nature
  • Shamanic drumming
  • Astrology
  • Fire ceremony

Finding Joy, Feeling Free

Emerson College in the Ashdown Forest

£185 – £210 according to your means

Dawn –
Tel: 07808 578564.
Lorraine –
Tel: 07713 401956.