The Archetypal Journey of Birth ~ 
from the Belly of the Goddess into the Earth Realm

6th & 7th April, 2024

From Conception through Gestation to Birth

We pass through many gateways in the experience from conception through gestation in the womb and into birth. These gateways are archetypal energies and metaphors that equip us and set the scene energetically for our life’s unfolding.

Each aspect of becoming, such as the moment of conception, the time in the womb and birth itself (and many more) hold a unique blue print and potential for how we express ourselves through our life walk. They are Rites of Passage and set themes for us in our life. Such as the amniotic fluid of our mothers womb, holding the potential for us to be in the sea of connection to all of creation. What was your experience there and how does this play out in your life? We will work to bring insight and health (if needed) to the experience and embodiment of it gifts.

You are invited to join a circle of women to explore your unique and potent journey through the womb and into life, touching into these Rites of Passage and your relationship and experience of them. In building this relationship with these rites, you can lean into and be held and guided by these archetypal energies of becoming, embodying them, as you navigate your way through the journey of your life on planet Earth.

Embody these beautiful gifts of the Mother.

This experience is open to all women. You do not need to know or remember your experience from conception to birth.

Some of the practices we will use:

  • Wisdom from the circle of women
  • Story telling
  • Altered states of awareness 
  • Shamanic drum journey
  • Nature awareness and experience
  • Ceremony

And other energies and practises that will serve the work in the moment.
This is such foundational work for how we express our life energy.

Date & Times:

April 6th & 7th, 2024
Saturday 10am-5.30pm & Sunday 10am-5pm.

Venue: Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex.

There are some rooms and meals available and can be booked and paid for directly with Emerson College via their booking calendar on their website:  or phone: 01342 822238 to book.

There are also many local Airbnbs 

Fees: Sliding scale £205 – £230

This is a non-residential. We ask the where possible to choose the actual higher rate where you can – this helps us to continue to offer a sliding scale.

Enquiries and Booking Contact:

  • Lorraine 07713 401956 or
  • Dawn 07808 579564