Gifts of the Child

Transforming the Wounded Child to the Magical Child

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A Workshop for Women


Dawn Russell and Lorraine Grayston

“No harm must come to the Children” This is an ancient saying that comes from a deep knowledge of caretaking for our Earth and for all living creatures …….. including ourselves.

Our childhood is a time when we can learn that we are an integral part of life, part of the community/collective. It is a time when we are at our most sensitive, open, vulnerable, trusting, inquisitive and loving.

What happened to these places in you?

Over the recent course of our history we have collectively

undermined our children, fed them (that includes you and me!) with a sense of fear and scarcity on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This isn’t always in your face; often it is very subtle, eating away at our sense of self worth and self esteem.

What are the symptoms of this in us, in our society? Ever felt not good enough? That you’re not up to it? Ever felt unlovable and unloved? Ever stepped back when you wanted to step forward?

Withdrawn when really you wanted to be a part of? Or do you fill your life, yourself with doing too much rushing about but you still feel empty? Are you ever at peace?

When the here and now is not ok we invariably have to look back to our early years. We call it doing the work of the “South”, the South being the place of the Child. The “Work” is to bring the child back to her healthy state of trust and innocence, the knowing that we have a right to our place in the family/community, where we are loved and respected, a place within our self that is at peace.

We invite you to come and do some of this “work” with us.

This is an intensive course and will push your “comfort zones” in order to get to a place of much greater freedom within.

Some of the practices we will use to help us include:

Working close with Nature

Story work

Sacred enactment

Bio- energetics


Medicine Drum

Fire ceremony

And many other tools from Shamanic and psychotherapeutic principles