Dreaming and Receiving a New Paradigm for the Individual and Collective

A Women’s Circle


Dawn Russell & Lorraine Grayston

As we come out of a unique experience for ourselves and our collective, we invite you to come and be. To come and reflect. A time to heal. A time to celebrate. To come and allow the dream of the new paradigm that is within you to be felt, heard and experienced.

It is in times of chaos, of pattern interrupt, that the greatest changes can happen. The dream is loose, is open. We are stirred, our norms, our patterns, have been untethered. It is a potent time, as we slip into the Winters dreaming, to be part of dreaming and allowing the dream to express through us, a path of heart for humanity, for ourselves. Each one of us has a lens on the potential path of our collective, through the lens of our own lives. Each one of us hears and receives the dreaming universe’s unfolding.

During this weekend we will use time tested ancient and modern practises of:

Story Telling

Shamanic Journey

Deep Listening

Circle of Women

Being in and Receiving from Nature


Trance movement


Come and join us. Let’s dream together, Let’s share together. Let’s be together.

Enquiries & Booking contact Dawn or Lorraine:

Email: info@medicinewomanmedicineways.co.uk