… through Ceres, Pallas Athene, Vesta and Juno

their discovery, mythology and relevance today
a course for women and men

A four part Zoom course (choose 1-4 sessions). 2024 Dates TBA

With Lorraine Grayston and Tamsin St George

We invite you to come and explore and reawaken to the healing teachings of the planet and asteroids Ceres, Pallas Athene, Juno and Vesta.

The sessions take a deep dive into the discovery and mythology and current movement of these archetypal energies and how they relate to our lives and to our individual birth charts – our soul blueprint for life.

We will also explore how these energies can help us create new stories and navigate life in these changing times. 2023 is a year to navigate the big shifts of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and the Lunar Nodes all changing signs which affect us both individually and collectively.

There has never been a more opportune moment to increase our awareness of our own internal and collective feminine rhythms – whatever our gender.

Pallas Athene

Ceres invites healing of our self worth and a deepening understanding of our own and collective cycles of life.
Pallas Athene brings healing through creative strategy and wisdom.
Juno teaches how we evolve through relationship – especially to ourselves.
Vesta brings the concept of our own inner hearth fire and our capacity for healing and wholeness – being complete in ourselves.

Each evening will run on Monday from 6-8 pm.
We will touch on her mythology in a meditation and consider each Asteroids’ placement through the signs of the zodiac connecting her to our everyday life. All sessions will be recorded.

Although a basic understanding of your own chart is recommended, it is not essential.

2024 dates TBA

Individual Asteroid Evening @ £22.50
or £77.50 for all four.

To book your place please visit – https://eroditeastrology.com/forthcoming-events/, where you will be able to pay via PayPal.
Or bank details are available on request.

Your hosts

Lorraine evolving
I have been a full-time practising homeopath and shamanic practitioner for 25 years incorporating archetypal energy into my work with both individuals and groups. I have had a passionate interest in astrology for many years and I’ve found that inviting Astrology into my healing work deepens, enriches and complements it. Each of these three disciplines and their connection to archetypal energy share the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water as their foundation and weave together the potent alchemical mix that I bring to my work.

About Tamsin
I am a Professional Astrologer, passionate about helping people understand why they think, feel and respond to life in the way they do. It is clear to me that Asteroid Goddess teachings provide a “missing link” to another layer of profound emotional integration and healing for anyone wishing to understand how they are interacting through their own birth chart energy. Both of us are hugely inspired by the inclusion of the Asteroids and their archetypal Goddess energy/wisdom in the Natal Chart transforming the lives of individuals and groups that we work with, by enabling them to feel into a deeper connection of their own archetypal feminine expression.

We are delighted to be able to share our findings with you all.

Contact details:

For further information please contact –
Tamsin: info@eroditeastrology.com or
Lorraine: info@medicinewomanmedicineways.co.uk.