Working Through the Archetypal Journey of Birth

The word Medicine is derived from the Latin aris medicina, meaning the art of healing and well-being. Each Medicine person has a unique way to facilitate healing, well-being and connection for themselves and others. You will be encouraged to explore your unique way.

Homoeopathy is a modern day (since the 1700’s) shamanic healing tool, using the energy of various substances to hold up a mirror to our being to remind us of and stimulate our own healing process. The Matridonal remedies, (the Gifts of the Mother) are a group of remedies made from the process of incarnating and help us to fully embody our life’s walk.

The Matridonal Journey is the movement of consciousness from the belly of the Cosmos into the Earth Realm. It is the journey through the womb into birth, which is the foundation, the blueprint that underpins of how we are in the world.

spirit bear

From the cosmic ocean of no self we find the bloodlines of our ancestors as the gateway to the human experience. We begin our separation from the lulling waters of no self into our sense of self and individuation, becoming awash with a connection to the feminine energy and rhythm, and the female gender that we have chosen to embody. Our birthing can gift us a deep experience of trust and intimacy. We are ready, rooted in our potential and life’s possibilities and with wholesome nurturing we begin the earth dance of life through our rhythms and cycles. This is a description of the archetypal journey. Each stage contains within it experiences of both gifts and challenges that lay foundations for our life walk. Every woman’s experience of this journey is unique

So much of today’s dis-ease, revolves around disconnection from ourselves, from nature, from the source from where we came and to which we will return and from our individual and collective rhythms and the cycles of life.

The Matridonal Journey is a Rite of Passage. It offers us rites (rights) to connect back to the whole, the All-One, rites (rights) to be fully in the human experience, rites (rights) to a full and healthy sense of self, rites (rights) to be a woman and express the feminine energy within, the ability to trust and be intimate (in-to-me -see) It offers us a connection to our creative expression, our potential and with proper nurturing and feeding on all levels of our being we can ride, with awareness, the rhythms and tides of life.

We invite you to explore how you have met and continue to meet these rites of passage in your life.

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