Lorraine Grayston and Tamsin St George invite you to join us in an exploration of Eris, Goddess of Discord, disruptor of the status quo.

Next Date: Autumn 2023 TBA

The rise of the sacred Feminine and Catalyser for deep healing

The discovery of a new planet as recently as 2005, later to be named Eris, and potentially bigger than Pluto, disrupted the astronomical community and led to Pluto being downgraded to a dwarf planet.  This event alone was to begin to reveal to us the potency of her discovery and subsequent discord amongst Astrologers about including her.  This is ironic as the Greek myth about Eris is about her being excluded from a wedding!

Eris is a powerful ally in the consideration of our own personal or karmic ancestral healing as she re (awakens) our innermost power which lies buried deep within in our psyche.  

Recently emerged from her square aspect to Pluto and by association therefore from her own patriarchal shadow, Eris challenges us to integrate accelerated profound collective change, massively raising awareness to our own individual conscious expression of our divine feminine nature.

Lorraine and Tamsin invite you to explore the archetypal energy of Eris as we present her through the houses of the natal chart – the area of life where we may have subconsciously experienced discord or struggled to be ‘heard’. 

Lorraine inclusion of Astrology into her work:

“I’ve found that inviting Astrology into my healing work deepens, enriches and complements it. The discovery of Eris has brought a deeper profundity to my work, also enabling me to navigate these intense times with conscious awareness.

“I have been a full-time practicing homeopath and shamanic practitioner for 25 years incorporating archetypal energy into my work with both individuals and groups. I have had a passionate interest in astrology for many years. Each of these three disciplines and their connection to archetypal energy share the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water as their foundation and weave together the potent alchemical mix that I bring to my work.”

About Tamsin:

“I am a professional Astrologer, passionate about helping people understand why they think, feel and respond to life the way they do. Discovering Eris has had both a profound personal impact and, by association, has enhanced my Teaching practice and my offering of personal Readings.

“Lorraine and I ran our first series of workshops on the Asteroid Feminine Archetypal energy of Ceres, Pallas Athene, Vesta and Juno in October last year.  We love working together, so in response to requests we have answered the calling to explore Eris.”

Fee: £20

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