Medicine Woman, Medicine Ways specialises in group work and individual sessions

Medicine Woman, Medicine Ways was co-founded by Lorraine Grayston and Dawn Russell to offer space for people to come together and work with the wisdom of the Earth and the magic of the circle.

The aim of Medicine Woman, Medicine Ways is to invite a growing awareness of our full existence beyond the restrictions of everyday consciousness and to experience ourselves as part of the bigger picture – the web of life – so that we are more able to use compassion and responsibility to influence and choreograph our lives. We hold an understanding that the gift of connection with Spirit is for everyone and not just the chosen few. We offer an opportunity to learn about the tools and techniques of the ancient medicine people, so that we may all learn to take an active part in our own healing and empowerment.

Please do contact us with any questions:

  • Lorraine: 07713 401956,
  • Dawn: 07808 579564.