Shamanism is an ancient way of awareness, an awareness of energy, of consciousness

It is a term used to describe the practices of indigenous people from all over the world who were and are the healers within their community i.e. the Medicine People, the Witches, the Shamans. These people are in tune with the Earth and know how to touch the soul in everything in order to keep a healthy balance within each individual and therefore within the community.

Shamanic Altar
Shamanic Altar

For these people there is no separation between daily life and Spirit, they know that all things are connected and disconnection equals dis-ease. Although our modern times seem very far removed from the experience of indigenous people the needs and expression of the human soul is still the same in its desire for connection -love, community and creativity.

We specialise in Personal Development and Practitioner Training

Life enhancing transformative work that brings us into good relation with all things. Once we understand that we create powerfully, but mostly unconsciously, that our vision of who we are and where we want to go affects every aspect of our lives, we can begin the journey of self-realisation. That is to touch the deep spirit within and around us and to live and manifest fully, with a deep sense of peace and connectedness – a sense of belonging – being part of.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” Marianne Williamson

The work we do helps you to know yourself on a deep level. We will guide and hold you in challenging deep-seated beliefs of unworthiness. We will guide and hold you to remember your connection to the Earth and all that comes from her.

In the universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which Shamans call intent and absolutely everything that exists in the entire Cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link -Carlos Castenada.

Living Shamanically

We have given ourselves away through the pressures of a material driven society, we have been encouraged to hide within the false belief that self worth is accumulation of external power and possessions. Now is the time to come back to our inner knowledge, our inner connection. It is the time to reawaken our ability to sustain life through our relationship to (rather than our control over) the earth and nature. It is a time to remember who we are, greater in consciousness than the boxes of beliefs we have squeezed ourselves into. It is only through greater awareness, the Eagles eye view, the deeper breath, the pause in thought, that we can embrace the changes that are coming and only with a greater awareness can we ride these changes to dream and live the best of human consciousness.