The Enchantress, forgotten and misunderstood, lies within each of us..She has been banished from our archetypal understanding of the feminine – Maiden, Mother, Crone. She fits in between Mother and Crone. Having let her children go she is not ready to face death but to truly embrace life with the wisdom of experience and the newfound energy that the release of motherhood brings (mother energy can be found in all that we give birth to, not just children).

Although Cronehood is within her sights, she is not ready to withdraw but wants to actively engage in life and explore the freedom of her individuality and creativity.

It has been convenient to forget her true nature, instead to install a deviant version of her in our “history” and our minds in the form of the Temptress!  Subsequently her power has been distorted, her self-reliance and self-awareness been twisted through fear of being over powered and manipulated by her..

So who is she really? In her healthy state, she is the powerful woman within each of us. She is the Deep Feminine, the Dark Goddess who knows and embraces the cycles of life, death and rebirth. She is the Priestess, the Witch, the Herbalist and the Healer. She is in the place of the cycle of life rhythms where we can receive the wisdom of life’s experiences.

Drawing on the wisdom she has gained throughout her life, she brings an awareness and responsibility of how society’s actions affect its citizens, especially the children, in the moment and for tomorrow. She is a strong, influential and passionate voice within the community council.

She is the aspect of us that is alone and connected to the Earth and the realms of other worlds. In this world of fear and ignorance that we live in, society can easily become afraid of her Wyrd connections and sedate and confine her, labelling her hysterical (a “hysterical” woman would often have her womb and ovaries taken out to try and subdue her, hence the term hysterectomy, meaning “to remove the cause of hysteria” or to remove the source of her connection to Wyrd (the Spirit of nature).

She’s also really good fun and has a wicked sense of humour!

She voices her wisdom gained from experience with passion, integrity and compassion, She Enchants and hypnotises us to awaken to our feelings, to stir our emotions and fire our passion. We can then see clearly the beauty and potential of life. She calls us to awaken to our creativity

To find her, to awaken to her, we must relax into her, surrender to her unyielding power that comes from her “place of no concern” and her connection with the Earth, with the Divine.

When we speak of the Enchantress archetype we are referring to an aspect of a cyclic movement of energy that apples to all women regardless of age. We are all the time going through the cycle of creation: conception, gestation, birth and release, whatever it is we are creating and whatever age!

So we explore the energy and how it expresses (or doesn’t) in women’s lives.

We have had women of all ages (25 to 70)  at this workshop and we learn from each other and our experiences of the stages of life and cycles.