Lorraine says…..

The world is not what it appears to be! In times of, for example, a troubling medical diagnosis, a crisis in work or in relationships, a turning point in life, a feeling of inertia or feeling stuck, feeling anxious or fearful or looking for guidance  – I can work with you to discern and transform limiting patterns and ways of being defined by others, to discover new possibilities and a healthy sense of self.

I bring to my work  a unique alchemy of homeopathy, astrology, shamanism, personal development and my life experience of being dedicated to enabling well-being on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

During a session, together we will work with unravelling your current experience, unveiling that which has brought you to this moment and explore your unique way to a healthy sense of self and well-being.

For some it may be through working with the shamanic journey in depth, including soul retrieval, that you come to experience a way of accessing a deeper wisdom within and reconnecting with parts of yourself that have fragmented, dislodged, as if frozen in time, that brings a sense of wholeness. For others it may be working with homeopathy to release you from limiting energetic patterns that have run throughout your life and/or working with the medicine drum and visualisation or it may be a combination of any of these.

I also work with ceremony and the medicine wheel, which is not only a wonderful map of consciousness, but can also profoundly make sense of our experience and transform it.

I also offer both homeopathic supervision and supervision for shamanic practitioners.

My passion is to enable you to take an active role in your healing, to look to yourself by listening deeply and not be defined by what others tell you to be true of yourself, unless it resonates with you.

Contact Lorraine:

Email: lorraine@medicinewomanmedicineways.co.uk.