Woman Rising Rooted into The Age of Aquarius 

8th & 9th June 2024

Course Background

The world as we have known it is changing and we are in an important and exciting transition. Old known and familiar structures and ways of being are being challenged, are falling away, being dismantled making way for the new. 

Come and join us to unearth where you have felt constricted and explore what’s ready and wanting to fall away in you and awaken more into and embrace the new energies.

Naming and Releasing the Piscean Age 

For the last 2500 years or so we have been living in the Piscean Age and the next 2500 years is the Aquarian Age. Each era gives birth to certain archetypal influences and becomes associated with paradigms or world views. The main paradigm that emerged with the Piscean Age that we have been living with, are subject to, are perpetuating (and challenging) either consciously or unconsciously is the Patriarchal/dominator era where the feminine archetypal energy has been denigrated, defiled, denounced and denied. 

This cycle, as with all cycles, is coming to an end, giving way to and a birthing of, an influx of new energies as we move into the age of Aquarius.

Shifting Paradigms and Changing Eras

We are just at the beginning of this new 2500 year era ~ the Age of Aquarius and as we know, when we start something new, there can be a surge of energy to start if off. We are co~creators within these eras, each era shaped by those who engage with the archetypal energies that wash over our collective. So let’s explore, let’s be awake and ready and actively participate and co~create!

What does this all mean? To you? To us?

Co~Creating and Embracing The New Paradigms in The Age of Aquarius 

In this time together we will (continue, as this enquiry is not new to our collective but this is indeed a potent time to reflect) explore how the Piscean age and especially the patriarchal aspect of it, has formed us as women and influenced our relationship to the feminine. We will feel into what is deep within our psyches of this era and invite a continuing loosening of our conditioning and beliefs so that we many be open to, available and discerning to, the energies that are emerging from the new era. It is an era that releases the old hierarchical structures and dominator, competitive ways of being, invites an opening to new innovative and visionary paradigms and encourages the energies of co~operation, co~creation, community, inviting and embracing of the rise of feminine archetypal energy, fluidity, serenity, divinity, sovereignty. It is an era that encourages each of us to be unique within the sanctity of the collective.

Personal and Collective Expression

These Eras have deep and long lasting influence on all aspects of life, shaping our relationship to and beliefs around all aspects of being in relationship ~  including work, leisure, intimacy, social connection, our health and well-being, technological development, our institutions, connection to nature, to our creativity and expression in life, our connection to the divine ~ spirit ~ life. 

During this time we will explore how you have been influenced by the patriarchal dominator paradigm and how you can influence the birthing of the Age of Aquarius in order to serve your freedom and flourishing, and therefore the flourishing and freedom of the collective. 

An Experiential Retreat

This inquiry is not an intellectual exercise but an exploration rooted in all of our wisdom gathered, experiences and senses, in the deep knowing that lies within our bodies and our connections to the whole ~ sometimes still unknown to us, until we invite the awareness to surface through the practices that we will work with.

Some of the practices we will use:

  • Wisdom from the circle of women
  • Story telling
  • Deep listening to our nature and to Nature
  • Altered states of awareness 
  • Shamanic drum journey
  • Voice and chanting
  • Ceremony

And other energies and practises that will serve the work in the moment.
We are inspired and excited to work together with you around this theme.

Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex.
There are some rooms and meals available and can be booked and paid for directly with Emerson College via their booking calendar on their website: https://emerson.org.uk or phone: 01342 822 238 to book.
There are also many local Airbnbs 

Dates & Times:
8th & 9th June, 2024
Saturday 10am-5.30pm Sunday 10am-5pm

Sliding scale £205 – £230 (non-residential)

Enquiries and Booking Contact:
Lorraine 07713 401956 or Dawn 07808 579564.
Email: info@medicinewomanmedicineways.co.uk