An Experiential Training/Apprenticeship into the Roots of Holding Healing Spaces

First year consists of 7 meetings from October 2024 to September 2025

The word Medicine is derived from the Latin aris medicina, meaning the art of healing and well-being.

Who we are

Between us, we have over 70 years of experience, working exclusively with holding groups and individuals in spaces that offer healing, connection, loving intimacy, expansion, wellbeing and thriving and a remembering and embodying of their natural and wild (untamed) self. 

Our work has been and still is to help people of all ages and diversities, to flourish, to get to know themselves more and therefore their own divinity and sovereignty. 

We hold a space that is inclusive and accepting of who the person is in the moment and from this place to help them to increasingly grow into their-self and thrive.  

To hold these spaces we need to prepare ourselves through doing our own work to know ourselves, to love ourselves, to except our mis-takes, to be gentle with the traumas held within and bring love and forgiveness to them and the circumstances around them, and to know the beauty and vastness of who we are, to embrace the divinity and worthiness of ourselves and to know we are part of the whole and not alone (all-one).

This is the work to traverse the territory of the human psyche with awareness, guidance and compassion. As we do this for ourselves so we can guide and accompany another through their own territory and work. 

This is also the work of remembering our nature and our connection to nature and to all the beings of nature. This connection offers us deep reflection and helps us to remember our belonging and the magic and mystery that is life.

There are many ways and practices to hold a space of growth, healing and flourishing. 

Our work is very eclectic. We have both been exploring, learning and developing practices that we use to hold a healing space for another. 

The Invitation

We invite a small group of women that we can share and explore the ways in which we have worked over these last few decades.  And for you to find your own way in holding, helping and loving yourself and others more into health, wellbeing and connection. 

Some of the practices we will share and explore with you on this training are;

The Roots of Experiential Training

Holding space and environment, deep listening, ‘Spiritual Counselling/Accompaniment’

We will explore the gifting another with, the being in and receiving of, themselves and all they are connected to. The deep witnessing of another in their pain, joy and wholeness/holiness, eases the sense of being wrong and unworthy (in all it’s manifestations) and can bring them a sense of well-being in whatever life situation they are going through.

When we have the understanding and trust in this process/ practice the doors can open to a profound healing wisdom and movement within the other and within ourselves.

Biography ~ Our Stories

Our life stories become the mythologies that we live by and that influence the unfolding of our lives. Our stories are not fixed. With awareness and understanding we can retell our stories embodying the gifts, both hard and gentle, sorrowful and joyful, that our experiences have opened us up to. 

The Star Maiden Circle and Medicine Wheel of Life

The Medicine wheel offers us insight and a sense of our place within the universe and life. It helps us to remember we are a part of and not separate from life, from the Mystery.

The Star Maiden circle, which sits within the deep wisdom of the Medicine Wheel, offers a holding and enquiry space for another that helps them to understand where there is unhealthy patterning of their life energy and gives insight, guidance and healing in the healthy re-patterning of their vitality.

The Shamanic Drum Journey and Soul Retrieval

With the vibrational space created by the hand held drum we can guide another into their deep consciousness (sometimes know as the unconscious).

In this deep state of vibrational waves we can connect with and be active with what may be hidden to the everyday psyche, the place where our mythologies of life live and play out. When we make relationship with this often hidden part of ourselves, we can understand and effect, and bring to our everyday consciousness the blessings and compassion of the  unknown. We can undo parts of our story that it is time to release. This can bring vitality and enlivenment and connectedness.  


Ceremony is sacred enactment. It marks the chapters and rites of passage along the journey of our lives. It can help us to embody healing and change. It is a cauldron for embracing the sadnesses and joys of life, for sharing and for transformation.

Ceremony is part of helping community connection, to each other, to the scared.

World Views, Healing, Health and Well-being 

‘Our energy flows where our attention goes.’

To bring wellbeing to the self it is essential to understand and know what our beliefs and world views are and to challenge and change those that keep us in a state of stress, self-flagellation and disempowerment. 

Nature, Our Relationship to it and Our Essential Self 

Our remembrance that we are a part of nature and not separate to it, is an important and essential step in embracing and resting into our own nature and our connection to and not separate from the earth, the universe, our human collective (each other). When we feel connected our sense of belonging, the guidance we feel, the being part of…and the empowerment we find is profound and life changing! We discover that we were never “thrown out of the garden of Eden” but we were lead to believe this. The Earth ~ Gaia has a deeply loving embrace for all who remember our nature.

And other energies and practises that will serve the work as we make our way on this journey. 

If you are interested in this experience and haven’t worked with us before please drop us an email or call us and we can arrange to have a chat about the course and how it can serve you.

1st year Dates

  • 2024
  • 19/20 October 2024
  • 9/10 November 2024
  • 7/8 December 2024
  • 2025
  • 26/27 April 2025
  • 31st May to 1st June 2025
  • 12/13 July 2025
  • Four day residential workshop – 4th to 7th (Thursday to Sunday) September 2025
    at Sacred Earth, East Sussex. 

End of 1st year nature experience.

1st year 6 weekends, one 4 day residential, with nature experience £1,585 to £1,770.
Deposit £450.

We are open to exploring a payment schedule with you if needed.
(There has been a substantial increase in venue fees this year, so please if you can offer the higher fee, this helps use to offer the lower fee to those who need it, thank you).

Six meetings (non-residential) at Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex. 
There are some rooms and meals available and can be booked and paid for directly with Emerson College via their booking calendar on their website: or phone: 01342 822 238 to book. There are also many local Airbnbs.

Seventh meeting, (residential, accommodation – camping style and food included.)
4th to 7th (Thursday to Sunday) September 2025, at Sacred Earth, East Sussex. 

Enquiries and Booking Contact:
Lorraine 07713 401956 or Dawn 07808 579564

Emerson ~ Saturday 10am-5.30pm Sunday 10am-5pm
Sacred Earth ~ Thursday 2pm to Sunday 4pm