A non-residential, in-person course with Dawn Russell and Lorraine Grayston

At Emerson College, Ashdown Forest

You are invited to join us for a journey into the wild heart of women weaving wisdom together.

The movement of energy will be culminating in Dream Weaving, remembering our connection and rootedness in the universal consciousness that expresses itself through the unique dream of each individual with a deep and profound intention of evolving our individual and collective consciousness encouraging a feminine way of expressing life and culture.

“Thank you for another wonderful and transformative weekend.
I can honestly say that I’ve not experienced anything as powerful and peaceful with any other work I’ve done.
We move through so much, in such a deeply safe and trustworthy environment that you both create and hold.”

Dream Weaving 

9th & 10th December 

Oak tree on riverbank by Sophia Hayes

In this, the last of the three movements of energy, we turn our attention to the profound potency of receiving and how this weaves into our dreaming. So much emphasis nowadays is placed upon achieving goals and visioning rather than tuning into that which is already in the ether, awaiting for us to sense, receive and co-create.

To be aware within the dream of life is to be in the consciousness of the right brain. It is to be less in the solid material world and more in the energy world. The medicine people from around the world know and have known for millennia how to be aware of and receive from the energy world, how to hear the songs of the vibrations of the dreams and how to make themselves available to certain ones and call them into manifestation, into the material.

But first we learn to listen, then to hear them, to receive them, to dream the dreams that sing to us.

During the weekends will craft the flow with a variety of tools:

  • The wisdom from the circle of women
  • Story telling
  • The Shamanic drum journey 
  • Ceremony 
  • Shamanic and energy practises and being in nature

Enquiries and Booking Contact:


Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex


  • 9th & 10th December 2023


  • Saturday 10am-5.30pm Sunday 10am-5pm

Registration and fees – non residential: 

Fees are on a sliding scale (according to your means) The fuller rate also helps those who need to pay less, thank you.

  • Individual weekends £185 to £210 per weekend 

There are some residential places available to be booked and paid for directly with Emerson College – on their website – https://emerson.org.uk/events/, and there are many local Airbnbs 

Previous Woman Weaving Wisdom Weekends

The Medicine Wheel  & Star Maiden Circle 

23rd & 24th September, 2023

sunrise reflections in a lake

The Medicine Wheel’s Twenty Count is a beautiful map of consciousness revealing the cosmic tapestry of creation which spirals into the Star Maiden’s Circle – the tapestry of human life on earth. 

The Star Maiden’s circle reveals the lenses through which we experience life. It uncovers how all aspects of our expression of life weave together to form our life picture and helps us to transform stagnant energy and uncovering limiting and hidden patterns.

It unveils to us where we flow and where our life energies get distorted or suppressed (out of a need to survive, be acceptable and loved) and where we can work into to free up the flow of our life. The Star Maiden’s Circle also shows us where we can bring compassion and understanding to our inner life. 

Understanding and transforming the source of conflict within us we can express more freely who we are. Through reconciliation we can have peace within.

Embodying the Enchantress
A feminine archetypal energy that sits between the Mother and Crone

11th & 12th November, 2023 

Autumn red and green

We invite the Archetypal energy of the Enchantress to visit us again to deepen our exploration on how she can inform and guide us through this time where the feminine is finding new expression, helping to liberate us as individuals and as a human collective. This in turn benefits all beings. 

The Enchantress has been a forgotten and lost archetypal energy of the feminine and of woman, but not any more. We have been working with this archetype for over 15 years, more and more expressions and understandings of her are being engaged with and included in many peoples work through the world of personal growth, healing and feminine empowerment.

She calls us as a collective to women’s Rites of passage. 

To gentle and wild rebellion. 

She is changing and responding to the psyche and the collective dream – raising awareness.

We will also introduce and draw upon the archetypal energy of the dwarf planet Eris and the re-emerging feminine wisdom of the first four Asteroids humanity discovered in the late 1800s and their relevance today.

The weekends put you in good stead for our Medicine Women Training Course 2024/5.

Dates for Medicine Woman Training 2024

Medicine Woman Training 2024

At Emerson College, Ashdown Forest

6th & 7th April, 2024
25th & 26th May, 2024
13th & 14th July, 2024

19th & 20th October, 2024
9th & 10th November, 2024
7th & 8th December, 2024.