Deepening our connection to Earth Based Spirituality

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With Lorraine and Dawn

A gentle exploration of earth-based practices to bring us into connection, peace within and well-being.

You are invited to come and explore some practices that encourage connection with the energies of the Earth/nature and to enjoy being a human-being in our earth home.

We will work together to re-member the Earth and our connection to her, to re-member that we are part of nature and to receive, embrace and sit back into these energies that renew us.

To breathe in through all of our senses the earth energies, gives us a feeling of belonging, peace and wellbeing. To breath out releases us and relaxes us into being.

When we are aware of and in tune with the seasons and the ever changing energy they bring, we can follow the rhythms of our own nature and be more at ease and vibrant with life.

When we have a healthy connection to nature, like a good and wise friend, we can go there to receive nurturing and insight, find grounding and be present.

The cycles and rhythms of the seasons and the lives of all beings (including ourselves), are reflections of the Mystery and to immerse ourselves, with awareness, in these cycles and rhythms, can give us a glimpse into the heart of the divine, the heart of ourselves.

We invite you to come and take part in a celebration and a remembrance of being part of this beautiful planet and nature that ebbs and flows.

We will work with circle, ceremony, stories, chants and blessings.

We will engage with fire, journeying, mindfulness and being.

Take time out to take a deep breathe and be still, to re-connect to the divine within and without, to ground and find presence, to re-member and become one with all things.

Dance lightly on the earth

Breathe deeply of the air

Lie softly on the water

Touch gently to the fire

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